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Al-Iraqiya was formed in 2004 as a joint venture company between Al-Sarooj Group, and Al-Fayed Group. Each entity has blazed separate, non-competing trails in its own field of operation. Coming together to form a premier organization with the objective to:

  • Engage efficiently, responsibly and safely in the refining, storage, transportation and selling of hydrocarbons in Iraq;
  • Building, operating and servicing of retail stations;
  • Storing and transporting hydrocarbon;
  • Refining hydrocarbons;
  • Marketing and trading oil and gas;
  • Providing oil products for industrial uses including fuel and lubricant for ships and planes;
  • Providing parts and services to the oil industry.

The Company seeks a high standard of performance with the aim to further the long term benefits of its owners, its employees and the society of Iraq at large. It expects and requires that its directors, managers and employees observe the highest standards of ethics in the conduct of Al-Iraqiya's business.

Al-Iraqiya is already active in Iraq and is presently looking at the core activities of Al-Taher Group to extend and develop them in this new market.

In this challenging environment Al-Iraqiya is already well placed to participate to the re-building of Iraq.


Our Address:
P.O. Box: 1413
Ruwi – P.C. 112
Sultanate of Oman

Tel: +968 - 24601199
Fax: +968 - 24696775