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The Al-Taher Group maintains executive offices in seven countries to manage its investments and to keep in close contact with its partners in their home countries.

These enduring partnerships span a multitude of industries and date back to the beginnings of the Group itself, while others are relatively new.

All the partnerships help to set the standards in their respective industries. Our partners and principals include:

Al Rifai
Luban signed an exclusive agreement to open Al Rifai stores in Oman. the premium brand will be serving Al Rifai Nuts in multiple locations in the Sultanate of Oman.

Bauer Nimr
Synergy partner with Bauer to implement and finance. A 25 year project to recycle waste water in the PDO Nimr field.

Cafe' Najjar
Luban signed an exclusive agreement to open Cafe' Najjar stores in Oman. The premium brand will be serving coffee drive through location mostly in Oman.

Al-Taher group has allied with CATERPILLAR industries through Oasis Trading and is the sole distributor of their machinery in Oman.

Lulu Hypermarkets
EMKE group is the mother company of Lulu Hypermarkets. Al-Taher group has allied with EMKE through Al-Taher Real Estate to provide the building facilities for the Lulu Hypermarkets.

A wide variety of alliances link Al-Taher group with Shell. Sam Trading and Electro Mechanics have built some of their pumps and filling stations, Al-Sarooj group are operators of some of their filling stations, Luban Food are co-investors in the Select brand and run most of their convenience stores around Oman; finally Luban Transport has experience transporting fuel to their stations.

Tatsuno produces dispenser machines and Al-Taher group is the sole distributor of these products in the Middle East.